Chokho Jeeman – Marwari Jain Bhojnalaya is a Pure Veg Air Conditioned Thali Restaurant with a Rajasthani setup and a village like ambience having bamboo furniture. If you are in search of traditional Indian food then this is the place. We serve a variety of north indian and rajasthani thali without onion and garlic at a very decent cost.



Bored of eating burgers, pizzas, oily and spicy undigestive food then you definitely need a visit to Chokho Jeeman.

Established in the year 2001, we serve simple digestive Marwari and Rajasthani food prepared in line with Jain sentiments & theology. Entering the place one has a feel of Rajasthan with all use of Bamboos, mirrors, beautiful puppets and people dressed up in folk attires.

Situated right in the heart of the city (near raja ki mandi railway station), the restaurant aims at serving authentic Marwari food without onion and garlic, just like homemade food.The rustic and traditional Rajasthani decor with bamboo & cane furniture and the arches adds to the beauty of the restaurant.


We at Chokho Jeeman believes in serving you a variety of thali’s. You can choose from a list of thali’s according to your preference.

View all the list of Thali’s here and all options for takeaway here